Does the Dental Crown Procedure Involve Anesthesia?

Common Questions Regarding Crowns

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Maybe you already know you need a crown or set of crowns for your teeth. Or perhaps you're still weighing your dental health options.

Naturally, our dentists are qualified and prepared to make a correct prognosis through careful examination. To help you understand what getting crowns entails, we've included this information:

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The people who get dental crowns in West Palm Beach FL do so for a variety of reasons, including:

To bond cracked teeth
To protect weak or decayed teeth
To cover implants
To hold dental bridges firmly in their place
To provide support for teeth fillings when much of the original tooth has eroded
To mask teeth that have become discolored

If you currently find yourself in any of the above circumstances, a crown may be for you. The best course of action is to get in touch with our team so that we can perform an in-depth check-up.

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A crown is a fixed prosthetic device that is bonded to your teeth. Crowns are placed over the damaged part of teeth in order to conceal defects and allow you comfortable use of your choppers.

Why Do People Get Crowns?

Why Choose Mario Hernandez for my Dental Crowns West Palm Beach?

Does Getting a Crown Involve Any Lifestyle Adjustments?

Affordable Dental Crowns West Palm Beach FL

Common materials used for crowns are:

Gold and metal alloys

Crowns made of metal alloys are stronger, which is why they're often used for your back teeth. Porcelain crowns have less strength, but they can be made to look the same color as your natural teeth.

For your personal health and comfort, local anesthesia is used on the area that is treated during the procedure.

What are Crowns?

Price is an important factor when considering a dental care provider. And we have you covered with exceptional rates that meet your budget.

But the quality of your service is another critical consideration. We use the most up-to-date technology, the most proven methods, and the best people to deliver superior service to every one of our patients.

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We advise our patients to prepare for these adjustments after receiving crowns in West Palm Beach.

Chewy, sticky foods (think caramel) can pull your crown off. It's best to avoid them.
If doing very heavy chewing, it's best to use the side of your mouth without the crown.
Exercise caution when flossing. Limit force and slide the floss instead of pulling.

The reality is that any modifications to your lifestyle are minimal. The beauty of crowns is that once you have them, you forget they're there! You continue on with your life as normal!