INSANE! Thief Bites Through STEEL BARS to Break Into Homes. Unbelievable!

In a story that is quite out of this world, a 23 year old man in China by the name of Xiong was discovered to have been behind a series of home burglaries. His primary tool… his teeth.

Police in the Nanjimen Region, Chongqing, China were left clueless when numerous homes, protected by steel bars, were broken into.

No tools were found--but teeth marks on the steel bars were. The culprit stated that he sharpened his teeth and strengthened his jaw by cracking open walnuts with his teeth.

It seems he’s been using his choppers to break into homes for a while now. When questioned by police, he stated he can’t recall how many homes he’s burglarized--he’s done too many to count!

Interestingly, Xiong evaded police capture for so long precisely because he exclusively used his teeth. Since he never took other tools with him, police had no reason to suspect he was the culprit.

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