Why Do Elderly People Lose Their Teeth?

In popular culture, we tend to see our average senior citizen as being gray haired, wrinkled, and sporting a set of fake teeth.

This image is so pervasive that you may think tooth loss in old age is inevitable.

But the truth of that matter is that there isn’t anything inherent in old age that causes your teeth to come loose and drop out.

The relationship between old age and tooth loss of one of correlation, not causation.

Tooth loss is the result of dental diseases, which in turn are caused by myriad factors. If you take good care of your choppers and regularly visit a quality dentist near you, you may be able to preserve your pearly whites (at least most of them) for the remainder of your time on planet earth.

As a matter of fact, far less elderly lose their teeth in advanced teeth than used to be common. You can also enjoy the benefits of healthy teeth in your later years by arming yourself with the following information:

What are the Causes of Tooth Loss?

The most common ailments leading to tooth loss are dental decay and periodontal disease. These are often provoked by:

Poor Oral Hygiene

A lack of good dental hygiene habits increases your risk of developing tooth decay and periodontal disease. Remember to follow best dental practices throughout your life: brush your teeth at least two times a day, floss at least once a day, and visit your dentist at least twice a year.

Bad Choice of Food

Eating too much sugary food, especially sweet soft drinks, deteriorates your teeth over time. Don’t overdo it with the sweets, drink plenty of water (fluoridated water if you can), and brush whenever you consume something sugary.

Tooth-Destroying Habits

Sometimes, we simply practice habits that aren’t good for us. Top on the list is teeth grinding. If you do it, look into acquiring a mouth guard for when you go to sleep. Using chewing tobacco is also very bad for your teeth’s health.


Now that you know the common causes of tooth loss, you can take measures to prevent it. Eat healthy, brush your teeth, visit your dentist frequently.

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